5 Beautiful Bookstores & Libraries: Must-Visit for Bookworms

If you’re a book-lover and also a traveller, these are the prettiest bookstores/libraries that you shouldn’t miss. Visiting bookstores & libraries are more than just checking out the books. It’s also a place where you can witness the culture of the locals, the architectural beauties and participate in the various literature activities that organized by the bookstore & libraries.

#1 - Atlantis Books Santorini, Greece

Two American students visited the island for vacation and ended up opening their own bookstore. One of the most famous and renowned bookshops in the world. Atlantis Books is also Craig and Oliver’s (the owners) home. The duo first opened Atlantis Books in 2004 at the basement of a whitewashed house. They never imagined that their bookstore would become one of the must-see attractions for people visiting Oia, a picturesque, traditional village famous of its spectacular sunset.

#2 - Et Ateneo Grand Splendid Buenos Aires, Argentina

This former theatre is now filled with numerous gasps of admiration that escape the lips of those who enter the world’s most famous impressive bookstore. Designed by architects Perand and Torres Armengol, the Teatro Grand Splendid first opened its door in 1903, and has hosted some of the world’s most important tango and musical performances. It was soon turned into a radio station, and then into a cinema where the first film with sound were shown in Argentina. Today, the theatre is one of the most famous bookstores in the world, welcoming more than one million customers every year. The velvet seats have given its way to the bookshelves, the balconies and boxes have becoming reading rooms; yet the real treasures, the murals, statues and curtains, remain intact and only accentuate the dramatic effect of this wonderful building.

#3 - Libreria Acqua Alta Venice, Italy

It is no easy task keeping a bookstore in Venice – at least not right next to the canal and in constant fear of flood at any minute. This bookstore was hit by flood many times. And the genius owner of this second-hand bookstore has solved his problem by placing the books in either on the furniture, in crates or small bath tubs – even a gondola, which stands proudly in the middle of the room.

#4 - Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore Maastricht, Holland

Maastricht’s largest collection of English language books had found a very unusual home: before becoming a bookstore, this imposing cathedral was once a warehouse and bicycle parking lot. Even though the solemn atmosphere of the cathedral has been preserved both inside and out, the space exudes a cool modernity thanks to the metal structure built to create the bookshop’s different floors and levels. When you’re feeling hungry, grab a bite in their in-house cafe and take the best seat at the altar.

#5 - Melbourne Public Library Melbourne, Australia

Stands proudly in the middle of Melbourne city is a grand palladian architecture building which house the state library. You won’t miss the building as it is a favourite spot youth to hang out around the library compound on the green grass when the weather permits. The building has a different characteristic when you step inside. It has a huge dome at the center, which is the element of neo-classical architecture. We’ve created a tagline for this library – Come for the view, stay for the books.