10 Movies that make you want to travel

Have you ever get so inspired to travel by just watching a movie? For those who have a little wanderlust in them would understand the importance of picking up travel inspiration when you are not on the road. When facing such moment, I would like to look into movies for a momentary escape. These are the movies that I'd love to watch over and over again because of the featured stunning places.

Eat Pray Love
Makes me want to travel to: Italy, India & Bali

This movie could win the award of best travel movie, if the award exists. Watching the movie is more illustrative compared to reading the book. From Italy to India and then Bali, the female character, Liz Gilbert (played by Julia Roberts), was traveling for a self-finding experience. Order some pizza or feast on spaghetti while watching this. The "Italy" moment will get you too hungry to continue watching. 

Makes me want to travel to: Paris

The animation tells a story of a mouse who aspires to be the greatest chef in Paris. Together with a trainee chef, they cook up a feast in the kitchen of the finest restaurant in Paris. This movie accurately illustrates the behind the scene of gourmet life in Paris. It does not only makes me want to travel to the city of love, it also triggers my taste buds to try the fine dining there.

Sex & the City 2
Makes me want to travel to: Morocco & New York

Although in the movie Samantha got the girls to Abu Dhabi, the movie actually filmed in Morocco. Watching this makes me want to book a first class flight to Morocco and check in to a five star hotel. The combination of luxury travel and exotic Morocco is what makes the girl's trip interesting. Also, don't miss the amazing fashion details on this movie. 

Euro Trip
Makes me want to travel to: Europe

This movie is old but gold. This light hearted comedy is about a boy who befriended a girl from Germany and decided to look for her with his friends. Traveling all the way from America, the group's first stop is London. The filming location includes Amsterdam, Berlin, Vatican, Bratislava and Paris. 

Mama Mia
Makes me want to travel to: Greece

To be precise, the Mamma Mia scene reminds me a lot of Santorini. The clear blue sea and white washed buildings takes me back to the beauty of Aegean Sea. The movie is filmed on the Greek island of Skopelos which has one of the most beautiful beach around Greece.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Makes me want to leave my work and travel around the world

Walter Mitty (plays by Ben Stiller) has a mundane job and when his boss sends him on a mission, Walter Mitty sees life out of his office. The movie makes me overthinking of leaving my job and explore the world outside my office. This movie does not have a specific filming location like others, but it does greatly ignite you to go on an adventure. 

Vicky Christina Barcelona
Makes me want to travel to: Barcelona

As the name suggested, the movie is filmed in Barcelona. It tells a story of two women traveled to Spain in the summer and met an artist. The movie is filled with artistic point of view on life. I love the scene of Spanish guitar in this movie. It's so mesmerizing.

When in Rome
Makes me want to travel to: Italy

Beth picks up coins from the Trevi Fountain in Rome wishing to take up some love luck. Unexpectedly she also picks up unwanted suitors. Although the movie did not focus on Rome itself, there are adequate scenes that capture the mainstream Rome places of interest. 

The Hangover 1
Makes me want to travel to: Las Vegas, baby! 

They say Las Vegas is a city of sin. Spot all the 7 deadly sins in this movie. From casino, to getting married, this movie has all the typical things you would do in Las Vegas. It's a comedy, so it is very delightful to watch. And also, they have a mission to accomplish in this film. I'm not going to say it, you just have to watch it.

The Hangover 2 
Makes me want to travel to: Bangkok

Following the success of the Hangover 1, the Hangover 2 has a similar storyline, except this one is filmed in Thailand. Although the movie has a biased view of the city where they portrayed how dangerous the city is, it actually isn't that bad. Still delightful to watch. My favourite scene was filmed on the Sky Bar at Lebua State Tower.