10 Travelogues You Should Follow

Reading, browsing, scrolling through travelogues are my favourite thing to do in between my hectic schedules. It gives me a momentary escape to what I'm doing and at the same inspiring me to explore the world. 

Here are 10 of the travelogues I visit on weekly basis in no particular order. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did. Click on the name for the link. 

This travel guide is best for its city itineraries. The itineraries are presented in a time frame of 12 hours. The cities are mostly in European counties. Also check out the "Photo Stories" section to check amazing photos from around the world.

Follow the journey of David De Vleeschauwer and Debbie Pappyn to an adventure in Greenland, Iceland, North Korea, Burma and other hard-to-reach locations in the world. The One Day One Photo Blog capture the most spectacular photos of places wherever they are at the moment. Recently the couple released their book onRemote Places to Stay.

As the name suggested, Eat Play Sleep Melakafeatures the best place to feast, to stay and to see in Melaka. Best known for its UNESCO heritage status, Melaka is the most visited State in Malaysia. It is also the city famous for its good food reputation. The reviews are straight to the point with honest opinion on what's good in the city and what's not. 

Coffee enthusiasts will find this blog interesting, as the Tokyo-based coffee blog features the best cafes in town. Cafes from different parts of the world also made its appearance in the blog once awhile. You can find a lot of educational write-ups on coffee and check out coffee events around the world.

Melting Butter features Curated Travel Hotspots from the best cities in the world.  The editor and contributors have an excellent taste on places to eat, art galleries to visit and distinctive boutiques to check out. The write-ups are mostly focusing on NYC. From time to time you will find write-ups on London, Paris, etc.

It is messy, but it is also packed with non-touristy guides on everywhere in the world. The articles are written in a comedic way which keeps you coming for more. This webpage is not your typical travelogue, it has extensive write-ups on places from a point of view of a local. The editor is based in Paris, so expect a lot of Parisian features. What I love the most is the series of 13 Thngs I Found on the Internet Today

Awarded with the America's Best Travel Journalism Site by the Society of American Travel Writers, the Roads & Kingdoms is not strange site to many travel writers. Take a sneak peek into places you will never go such as Croatian Shoe Factory & China's Meat Market.

Souvenir Finder is a travel blog maintained by an attorney living in NYC. Kristin is a self-proclaimed shopaholic however, she does not buy souvenirs. The souvenirs she meant are photos from her travels, sharing it with the world on her blog. She is constantly on the look for next adventure. 

The Travelettes has evolved to be a community of female backpackers. The team of female travelers and writers came from different corners of the world and their goal is to inspire young females to travel more. You can find travel tips for females and first hand account of experience such asRaped While Traveling and how to avoid mishaps. 

Brooke Saward is living the dream of many at a very young age - getting paid to travel. Although her blog is heavily sponsored, Brooke keeps an honest and personal opinions on places she'd been to. When she is not traveling, you will see sneak peek of blog posts on her hometown, Tasmania.