5 Reasons to visit Zoodoo Tasmania

Zoodoo is my favourite place to bring my friends and family whenever they visit me in Tasmania. To date, I've been to Zoodoo five times and there's different experiences for every of my visit. Unlike other zoos in the world, the Zoodoo is more interactive and filled with activities. It is a perfect learning ground for children and also a fun-filled place for weekend.

One of the most-visited tourist attraction in Tasmania
Of course you can't miss Zoodoo because it is one of the top visited tourist attraction in Tasmania. Sounds cliche? Actually it is not! It is a happy place to be and it is an experience you can't get anywhere else. It is not like other zoos where the animals are caged and all you can do is to see them from afar. Zoodoo is where the animals live and roam freely in their farm. You are welcomed to feed them, hug them or pat them (at your own risks).

Safari Bus
Exploring the zoo is much easier with the safari bus. There's no need to pay for the ticket. The ride comes complimentary with your entrance ticket. The vehicle is open-air and the animals are able to take a ride on it as well! While on the bus, you will be given a bag of animal feeds. Choosing the animals you want to feed can be hard because the ostriches are always on the move to attack your feeding bag. 

Get close to famous Australian animals
If seeing the kangaroo, wombat, wallaby and koala bear are in your bucket list while visiting Australia, you can do all that here. Plus, you can get up close and personal with them by feeding, hugging and patting them. One word of advice, don't go near the kangaroo although you can do so.

Feed the animals
Feedings are allowed throughout the zoo. You will be given a bag of seeds before boarding the safari bus and you are able to top up the feeds from gunny bags around the zoo. Animals that on special diet (such as lion and Tasmanian Devils) won't be on your feeding list. However, you can observe the feeding time which is around 11am and 2pm. 

See the endanged Tasmanian Devils
Being an icon and been honoured to take up the name of the island, the Tasmanian Devils are facing extinction. Zoodoo is actively raising fund to sustain the animal hospital for the Tasmanian Devil and provide great care for them. You are able to see them running about freely in a barricaded area. There's also a Tasmanian Devil Conservation in Tassie, however, I would advise you to visit Zoodoo instead because there's more to-do here. 

Zoodoo is located in the outback area. Getting to Zoodoo requires 1 hour drive from the city, Hobart. Alternatively, you can take a bus ride from Franklin Square, Hobart, which is also convenient but do check the departure and return time of the bus. Getting stranded is not a joke you want to play with in Tassie.