5 Things to do in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is a popular weekend spots for the locals in Malaysia due to its cooling weather and abundant of nature. It is an easy access to Cameron Highlands. Hail any cab from Kuala Lumpur (main city) and you will be there within 4 hours of ride.

For first timers, Cameron Highlands can be confusing. The entire place is huge and the areas of interest are scattered at different spots. Being a typical tourist spot, some places are overrated and not worth your time. 

Here are some of the places which I think you should explore. Be reminded that it is a slow-paced place and you should plan a non-hectic schedule to enjoy what the nature has to offer.

Sungai Palas Tea Plantation

Cameron Highlands is famous of its tea plantation and Boh Sungai Palas Tea Centre is probably the most visited tea plantation here. You are free to roam around the terraces of tea bushes to take amazing photos, however, be kind to the tea plants. At the end of the corner, you can take a short tour at the tea factory to see how the teas are being processed from oxidation to packaging. After the tour, take a break at the cafe where they serve fresh brewed teas and pastries. The al fresco dining overlooking the tea hill has the best view in the entire cafe.

Cactus Valley Brinchang

The Brincang Cactus Valley offers a wide range of display of cacti around the world. This place can be a hit or miss depending on your interest in gardening. If you appreciate plants, the RM5 ticket is worth it. If you're not, my advice is to skip it. The Cactus Valley also a habitat to many other plants such as roses, lavender, and many more. Below the garden, there is a nursery where you can purchase some cacti back as souvenir. Do remember to ask the gardener if the plants will survive outside Cameron Highlands. 

The Cactus Valley is located at the bottom of a sloppy hill. If you take a stroll through the small alley, you will find hydroponic vegetable farm, strawberry farm, flower garden and other nurseries where you can purchase more potted plants! Towards your hike, you can find the Big Red Strawberry Cafe where it serves everything strawberry-related foods. I totally recommend the strawberry yogurt served with the freshest strawberries you can ever imagine and the strawberry coffee which is something special.

Mossy Forest @ Gunung Brinchang

Excuse my bimbo posing. Don't be fooled by the deep jungle photo of the Mossy Forest. It may look difficult to climb but that's just at the peak of the mountain. The entrance of the forest lay a long platform where you can take a gentle stroll into the forest. As the platform disappears, the hike becomes more challenging. Roots of the trees are protruding out of the ground and the slippery moss requires hikers to take extra precaution when hiking. It took me half hour to get to the mossy part. This is definitely the highlight of my trip. I wasn't prepared for it, but after having a glimpse of the forest, I know I will come back for a full board adventure. 

Cameron Organic Produce Steamboat

Never leave Cameron Highland without taking a steamboat feast and the Cameron Organic Produce Steamboat is arguably the best steamboat restaurant around. It is endorsed by the famous local Chinese foodie Axian. The soup base is really addictive even without MSG and the ingredients are sourced fresh daily from the local organic farms. Take note that it is non-halal.

Raju Strawberry Farm

Other than tea, strawberries are also one of the famous local produce in Cameron. Of all the strawberry farms in the vicinity, Raju's Farm has the sweetest strawberries. The strawberries are grown in a hydroponic bags to keep the soil dry and from excess of moisture. You can grab a basket at the weighing counter and pick your own strawberries. The price is based on the weight of the strawberries you picked. Alternatively you can buy pre-packed strawberries at the counter as well. You can find Uncle Raju at the counter most of the time. Also, bring back the strawberry jam. It is made fresh and without added sugar or preservatives. 

Here you go! The 5 places you should visit in Cameron Highlands. If you crave for more, let me suggest to you:

Jasmine Cafe at Tanah Rata serves the best smoked duck. The thin skin is crispy on the inside and the meat is juicy and succulent on the inside. Definitely a must-try! The other dishes were just OK, so you can skip that.

Brinchang Night Market can be overrated but it is a good place to visit if you have the time. You can find cheap fresh produce and souvenirs here. This is probably the main cause of jam during the weekends which stretches up to 10km. If you are stuck in the jam, best thing to do is park your car somewhere and walk there.

Jim Thompson Tea Room at Cameron Highlands Resort. It can be a little cliche to have high tea in Cameron Highlands Resort but it is worth it to experience the remaining British culture here. Another possible good place for high tea is at The Smokehouse where you can get classic English high tea.