5 Visitor's Tips - Grand Palace Bangkok

Expect to see a lot of clueless visitors flocking at the entrance of the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Most visitors aren’t aware that there are plenty of visiting rules and protocols to follow before you are allowed to enter the palace. Although this is one of the tourist attraction in Bangkok, note that this is an actual palace, therefore visitors are bound to follow the royal protocols. None of the rules can be compromised.

The grand palace consists of different palaces buildings of different kings, princes and princess. Therefore, there are different sets of rules to follow when you're at the different places. There’s also the official royal temples, museums, guest houses for diplomats and other official royal buildings in the vicinity.

To avoid disappointment or surprise during your visit, we recommend you to observe the tips below:

#1 Getting there

The journey takes half hour to get to the Grand Palace from the city (depending on the mercy of the traffic). We suggest you to take the BTS Train (metro) to Hua Lamphong Station and hail a tuk tuk (motorbike taxi that takes up to 4 passengers) to get to the Grand Palace. It is more economical and saves you a lot of time.

#2 Visiting attire/clothing

Although the visiting info pamphlet says the attire must be formal, it is alright for you to wear jeans and t-shirt. If your attire is found improper, you are not allowed to enter. However, you can rent or buy a pair of sarong or long pants at the entrance. Follow the guideline below for visiting attire:

#3 Visiting map

You will be given a map once you collect your ticket at the entrance. Do not misplace the map because you will need it to get you from point A to point B. Without the map, the palace ground will appear like a giant maze. If you don’t have the time visit all the palaces, highlight a few of palaces that you would like to visit and the plan your route.

#4 Entrance

The entrance fee for tourist tickets is 500 baht. For Thai national citizens, the entrance fee is free. Upon making your payment, you will be issued a map (as mentioned above) and you will be given a ticket stub. Remember to keep your ticket stub because you need to reproduce it at Queen Sirikit Museum of Textile. Remember to grab yourself a bottle of water at the entrance. It will be a long walk and there’s no refreshment stores available inside the palace ground.

#5 Exciting buildings to visit

Normally, one cannot finish visiting all the buildings per visit. We would suggest you to visit these buildings and spend more time there:

Temple of Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Keow) 
This is the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand. The emerald buddha is seated in a special yogic position. Instead of emerald, it is actually made of green jasper. The aesthetic of the temple building is decorated with various tiles and precious stones.

Phra Thinang Dusit Maha Prasat
This building was carefully constructed to represent Buddhist cosmology. 

Phra Thinang Amarin Winitchai 
This is the official Throne Hall where the king’s coronation took place. However, King Bhumibol Adulyadej was coronated in Phra Thinang Boromphiman, another coronation hall.

Phra Thinang Chakri Maha Prasat 
The architecture of this palace is a hybrid between Western and Eastern. This work of art symbolizes the acceptance of Western culture in Thailand. The architecture was designed by a British. This building is arguably the most unique palace in Grand Palace.

If you are visiting Bangkok and would like to learn more about Thai culture and monarch, start your journey at the Grand Palace. This is not just a tourist attraction spot, but it also serves as a knowledge hub about everything Thai. We strongly recommend you to visit this Grand Palace and spend at least one day to explore the entire place.

Travel safe. Go and see the world!