After You Shibuya Honey Toast: Must-Try in Bangkok

Part of the trip to Bangkok is to enjoy the food that the city has to offer. While searching for authentic Thai street food, unexpectedly, I've stumbled upon a chain cafe that's worth recommending - the After You Dessert Cafe.

The cafe has a typical outlook, with a long queue. The cafe has ticketing system to manage the influx of diners. 'Fret not, it won't take long till you can get a table since the turn over is high and the diners are kind enough to leave once they're done with their meals. You can find After You at La Villa, Siam Paragon, Central Plaza, The Crystal and J Avenue.

The highlight of this cafe is the Shibuya Honey Toast. The toast is made to order. It is drizzled with Shibuya honey which creates a strong sweet fragrance on the toast. In between the toasted bread, it is filled with rich amount of cheddar cheese. Lastly, to complete the taste, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream are served together with the toast. It is so good that you can't afford to miss it.

The Soft Chocolate Cake is the next to try. As the name suggested, the cake is soft and moist. You can taste the original dark chocolate on the cake. For every bite you take, you will feel the sinful pleasure it gives.  

Lastly, I tried the Strawberry Mille Crepe which is good, but not as good compared to the Soft Chocolate Cake and Shibuya Honey Toast. The mille crepe is layered with multiple stacks of thin pancakes. In between the layers of pancakes, there's spread of strawberry creams. 

After You also serve seasonal desserts such as Mango Sticky Rice (which is a common dessert in Thailand). Since the cafe is available in most leading malls in Bangkok, do stop by and give it a try, especially the Shibuya Honey Toast.