Bangkok's Best Upscale Thai Restaurant - Taling Pling

It is rather peculiar to dine in upscale restaurant while in Bangkok to enjoy typical Thai food. Most of the local good foods are found on the street or road side stalls. When I told my friends that I went to a posh Thai restaurant in Bangkok, everyone must have thing that I'm insane. I don't deny that Bangkok street food is awesome. However, Taling Pling is one good experience that I had and the food are highly recommended.

Taling Pling has the typical Thai food on their menu. You can basically decide what you want to eat if you are familiar with Thai food. I ordered 3 entree and 3 mains to try out. 

Fish cake, also known as Tod Mun is a must-try appetizer in Thailand. The fish cake is so tender. It doesn't have the chewy texture like the ones I always have in Malaysia. They're made of chunky fish flesh and it is very fresh. The sweet basil adds to the fragrance. And the sweet peanut sauce is simply irresistible.

The Pork dim sum was something I regretted. There's a weird after taste and it is soaked in black vinegar. The taste is not like those dim sum you get in Chinese restaurant. To give a benefit of doubt, Taling Pling is a Thai restaurant, so it is advisable for you avoid Chinese dishes like Dim Sum.

The Clam in butter sauce on the other hand was good. The sauce is rich and creamy and the clams are very fresh. It is served with freshly baked garlic bread. 

One of my favourite Thai dish is the fried rice with crab meat. This is one of their chef recommendation. I don't normally finish fried rice by itself the whole plate, but this is so good that I finished it to the last grain of rice. It has a generous amount of fresh crab meat. The rice is so fragrant! A simple dish that is full of flavors.

Phad thai, or better known as fried clear noodles is one of Thai's specialty. On the side, there's fresh bean sprouts, grounded peanuts, fresh lime and chili powder. You are suppose to mix all the ingredients and eat it while it's hot. The taste is compatible with the famous ones from the street.

The killer dish we had was the spicy crab meat cooked with basil.  It is really delicious and possibly the best dish of all that we ordered. But be warned, it is not for faint hearted. The spicy level is akin to habanero. 

Last but not least, don't forget to order the young coconut drinks. They serve the whole coconut. Coconuts in Thai has a sweet taste and very fragrant when served fresh.

If you want a comfortable place to enjoy authentic Thai food but don't want to compromise the taste, Taling Pling is the place to be. The price is reasonable as well. We paid around 300 bahts for a dish. It was a pleasant place to dine and definitely recommended. Taling Pling is located in Siam Paragon.