Best Fish & Chips @ Fish Frenzy Tasmania

Previously I have recommended Mures for seafood. Similarly to Mures (also within few steps away), there's Fish Frenzy that sells pretty decent seafood too. Fish Frenzy is a smaller scale seafood restaurant compared to Mures. The option is also limited. However, they have the best fish & chips on the island.

You can choose between crumbed or battered and there are also choices of different fish - flake, flathead or blue eye trevalla. My favourite is always the battered blue eye trevalla. The fish & chips are served with chips (of course!), but if you are not a fan of chips you can always ask to substitute it with calamari or garden salad.

Also in my frequently order dish is the Grilled Blue Eye served with garden, Greek or Caesar salad. I always swap the salad with chips.

Besides Mures, I also love Fish Frenzy for the fact that not only the seafood are fresh, the dishes are cooked fresh as well. Other than the fish & chips and grilled fish, I also recommend you to try the crumbed scallops and fresh oysters. Tasmania has the freshest, juiciest and biggest scallops. 

If you're going in a group, the platter for 2 dish allows you to try different seafood such as smoked salmon, calamari, oyster, fish and many more. Although it's meant for 2, but the serving is big enough for 3 to share. 

I love this place early of summer. It has al fresco dining right next to the pier which allows you to enjoy your seafood while soak up under the sun.  

Fish Frenzy is located at Elizabeth Street Pier.