Hotel Review: Maya Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the Maya Hotel has the most strategic location in the city. It is 5 minutes of walk from KLCC and links to the LRT where you can easily connect to other parts of the city by train. Due to this reason, I have booked a stay hastily few hours before my arrival.

I have a love-hate relationship with my one-night stay at Hotel Maya. Let's get to the "love" part first. Of course, the location is a big plus point. It's a short walk to KLCC and Avenue K. There's a bus stop nearby which is really convenient. I parked my car at the hotel and take public transport to get to wherever I wanted to go. 

The room comes with a spacious modern bathroom which made my stay really comfortable. And it comes with a generous serving of organic bath supplies. It is well-lit as well with spacious counter for you to trash your beauty supplies everywhere. Female travelers, you're going to love the room because of the bathroom! 

On top of that the bed is comfortable as well. It gave me a good slumber after a long hectic day in the city.

What I didn't like about the hotel is that some of the amenities are really old. I feel like I was living in a museum of the 1990's household items.

The carpark was also something that needed to be addressed. The hotel shares the same carpark with an office building which attached together. It was quite confusing to look for the lobby with my heavy luggage. And the parking lot are small (something which is common in the city) for my 4WD. On the other hand, the lobby doesn't look like a 5-star lobby. It has about 4 check-in stations which much similar to boutique hotel style.

When I was checking-in the receptionist told me that the breakfast will be served at Level 1. With that, I proceed to the breakfast area the next day. When I check-out, I realized that they charged me for RM140+ for the breakfast. I was not prepared for it because I thought the breakfast was complimentary. This had me at the worst experience I can get from my stay. I wasn't happy because I was charged due to the misleading statement from their staff. I'm not sure if I was to be blamed for not double checking the breakfast charge or I should blame the staff for their inefficiency. 

I believe that staff service at hotel can make or break the experience of guests. And the Maya Hotel definitely don't deserve the 5-star rating due to the poor service from their staff. I'm not sure if I wouldn't recommend this hotel, but I will personally avoid staying here. After all, there are still many hotels to choose from around the vicinity. 

P/S: I paid RM520 for the one night stay and RM140 for the breakfast.