Hotel Review: Oia's Sunset Hotel Santorini, Greece

It is no doubt that prices of hotel in Santorini is expensive. Some accommodation impose cut throat prices in exchange of the sea view. If you are on an average budget, but do not want to compromise on the comfort, I would highly recommend the Oia's Sunset Hotel. 

I came across this hotel when Google-ing "sunset at Oia", hence lucky enough to stumbled upon this hotel. Oia has the best sunset spot in Santorini. This recommendation wouldn't be honest if I don't state that viewing sunset from your hotel room is almost impossible due to the location. Unike other hotels that sit on the terrace, Oia's Sunset Hotel is strategically located at the main square of Oia, which is directly next to the road.

The accommodation

Although named as a hotel, it is more of an apartment type of accommodation. The room comes with a attached bathroom, vanity, mini kitchen with basic utensils with dining area, large wardrobe and a personal patio.

The unit that I've booked is a two-single bed apartment. The space is large enough for two persons. Although the furniture are old, they are very clean and well-kept. 

The Facilities

The main facility at the hotel is the pool which occupies majority of the hotel ground. You will be greeted with the bright blue pool once you arrive. Take note that the pool is very deep (about 6 ft. deep). It may not be suitable for children. 

Besides running the hotel business, the owner also owns a humble bar which serves as his reception as well. During the day, you can order simple breakfast at the bar and at night you will find travelers hanging out at the bar to exchange stories over a tankard of beer. It is a cozy and warm place for gathering with strangers.

In the room, we enjoy uninterrupted high speed wifi. There's also satellite TV which was under utilized by us. Clean towels are provided daily. Room service/maid is available on call throughout the day.

Around the vicinity

Oia's Sunset Hotel is strategically located 20 steps away everything! Unlike other hotels that flocking on the cliff of Oia, this hotel is the very first building on the way to the Oia's Nik Nomikou Street (the stretch where all the main attractions are). The entrance of the hotel is facing the main bus stop where all the transportation drops off passengers. The strategic location provides big convenience to elderly or family with kids as there won't be much walking to do. Behind the hotel, approximately 20 steps away, is where all the main attractions are - restaurants, resorts, sunset spot, church and the iconic Santorini postcard view.

This 2-star hotel deserves a 5-star praise. The staff were very helpful, everything meets our expectation, we couldn't ask for any better location and most of all, the price was reasonable. Our two-single bed apartment cost 83euros per night.