How to enjoy Bangkok Street Food

To understand the true flavours of Bangkok, you have to try its street food. You can get street food everywhere in the city. You can find stalls selling snacks outside schools or lunch around central business districts. At night, the local stalls give lives to the streets. Street food in Bangkok is akin to fast food in Western countries. It is convenient, cheap, delicious and accessible. 

However, street foods in Bangkok can be unfriendly to foreign stomach. In order to have the best experience with street foods, we advise you to...

First, trust the queue. The longer the queue is, the better it tastes. Also, watch out which stalls the locals buy from. This will save you some nightmares from trying the wrong stalls.

Second, choose the food that made from fresh ingredients and avoid processed foods. Thailand has the biggest manufacturer for processed foods. To cut down their business costs, the hawker owners may source for low quality processed foods.

Third, avoid the sauces. Normally the sauces are left on the table for diners to help themselves. Be alert on how the sauces are stored. Is it covered? Does it attract flies or other insects? If it is exposed to insects, do not take it! 

Forth, if you are not used to eating street foods, prepare some medicine on hand. You will find it useful when "nature" strikes.

Fifth, be adventurous but cautious. Don't be afraid to try new things, but ask the seller before you decide to have it. For safer precaution, go to the busier stalls. When the turnover is high, the fresher the ingredients are. 

Although street foods are generally available throughout the city, there are a few special spots where you can find better options of stalls and variety of foods. 

This street market has gained its reputation as the best market in Bangkok. It is situated slightly outskirt. You can find variety of snacks for packing. There are also small stalls that provide tables and chairs. Best to visit during day time.

Unlike other Chinatowns in the world, the Chinatown in Bangkok is pretty much "Thai" than Chinese. The Chinatown is also situated in the outskirt. Majority of the stalls are available at night. The best thing to order here are the seafoods and bird's nest desserts.

Sukhumvit Soi 38
Right in the middle of the city, the stalls are setup around late noon. Tables and chairs are arranged in  row on the street. Best food to order are charred food, noodles and fried food,

Rattanakosin is one of the oldest street in Bangkok. You can find more locals here compared to tourists. The must-try food is the pad thai. 

Bang Rak
Bang Rak is also one of the oldest street in Bangkok. Bang Rak was a centre for economy. As time goes by, Bang Rak evolves into a haven for food with stretches of restaurants and stalls along the street. One of the popular dish here is the duck rice. 

What to try:
Pad thai - fried glass noodles
Khao pad - fried rice
Som tam - papaya salad
Pad krapao moo - Pork fried with basils
Mango sticky rice
Barbecue insects (grasshopper, scorpions, worms, spiders and crickets) 

Do let me know how the insects tasted like. I've not tried it and I can't imagine myself eating it.