How to get into Santorini Island, Greece

A lot of people assume that Santorini is hard to get into. This is half true. Although mode of transportation is limited, you can still manage if you plan your trip early. 

There are two ways of getting into the Greek island - by air or by sea.

By air
I've chosen to take a flight due to time constraint. There are a few flight operators that fly into the island, however only 1 flight per day.

The more popular and reliable ones are Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines. For international visitors, fly to Athens (ATH) and take a domestic flight with the service provider to Santorini (JTR).

For convenience and time constraint, I took Olympic Air. The flight took about 45 minutes from Athens. Meal is provided onboard, leg room was spacious and service was great. Overall, I do enjoyed my trip on the flight. 

By sea

Traveling into Santorini by sea is also convenient. Although I did not personally taken the ride, other backpackers recommended me to do so. They took the night ferry and alighted on the island on the next morning, saving them one night of accommodation.

To travel by ferry, you can book your ticket online through Greece Ferries. The ferry will board from either Port Rafina or Port Piraeus. 

Take note that the ferry ticket may not be cheaper than the air ticket at all times. Do your research or consult your travel agent before booking.