James Squire Brewhouse

Soon after his arrival as a convict on the First Fleet, James Squire was caught stealing supplies to brew Australia first beer. The result was so palatable, the colony's ranking officers only gave him 150 lashes. After fathering eleven children and working his way up from convict to publican and landowner, Squire established his brewery and the Malting Shovel Tavern on the banks of the Parramatta River.

At James Squire, you can find at least ten different types of beer on tap. No one actually resist trying all of them, unfortunately, I could only survive four pints. The first pint I took was the Original Amber Ale. I love this the most.

And then I went for Porter, which is a stout. It tasted much like malta drink with a slight alcohol after taste.

Speculator is the highlight of the month and how can I resist it? The taste was somewhere between Heineken and Crown Lager. Nothing that fantastic, though.

The last beer I had was Golden Ale (no photo). The taste leans towards sweet and fruity which reminded me of Hoegaarden and Erdinger. 

The James Squire Brewhouse is a perfect place for hangout. On the weekend, there's storytelling, stand-up comedy and sharing session which I find really interesting. There's a blend of community pub feel and also an artsy spot. 

If you're a beer lover who enjoy a different variety of beers, you will love James Squire. The James Squire Brewhouse is in Melbourne CBD. Walk to Gucci at Collins Street. At the junction of the church, turn left (I don't know what street is that). This is when you're coming from Swanston.