Plane Etiquette You Need to Know

Just like everything in life that guarded by the rules of etiquette, flying on the plane has its own etiquette which you should observe. Etiquette, to put it in a simpler term, is a set of unspoken rules which one ought to follow in order to keep ourselves and the people around us feel comfortable.

Have you ever been on a flight full of hooligans that you wish you can throw them out of the window? Being noisy is just one of the action against the flight etiquette. It is pretty much of what to do and what not to do based on common sense. But we all can agree that common sense is no longer common.

To make your flight experience a pleasant one, consider the mishaps that potentially can happen and take precaution to avoid it. 

1. Bringing babies onboard
Make sure you plan your kids activities prior to boarding. Eg. avoid letting your baby to sleep few hours before the flight. It is easier to put them to sleep once you get onto the plane. 

2. Bringing toddlers onboard
Prepare a few activities that your kids can do while onboard. Kids tend to have short attention span. Story books, games, colouring books and toys are some of the ideas which you can consider.

3. Handcarry luggage
Adhere to the handcarry luggage limit. Not only this will save yourself from embarrassment (having to unpack your luggage at the airport and forced to throw away stuff), it is also a safety precaution. The overhead compartment in airplane have its weight limit. By putting overweight luggage in the compartment will risk a lot of safety issues for other passengers. Pack as light as you can. Your handcarry luggage should contain nothing more than what you need during your flight. 

4. Don't get drunk
The inflight free flow of alcohol can be tempting. However, you should avoid drinking at all cost. The cabin pressure will lower down your tolerance of alcohol. Once you are drunk, not only your action will disturb the others but you will cause inconveniences to those who have to take care of you.

5. After meal
Air stewardess aren't waitress. You will have to keep your tray and seat tidy as you eat. After your meal, pack all the package and keep it on the tray so that the stewardess can clean it without hassle.

6. Elbow room
The designated elbow room on flight has always been on the right of your hand. Make sure you give room to the person on your left. If the right person accidentally place his arm on your elbow rest, you have the right to request for your space.

7. Sitting on aisle seat
You have more responsibility to give way to other passengers next to you whenever they request to leave their seats. If you need to take a nap, inform the passengers earlier so that they won't feel awkward to wake you up when they need their toilet break.

8. Sitting on window seat
It is your responsibility to control the window pane. You have to draw the pane when it is too bright outside. During landing and take off you will need to comply to the flight regulation to open the window pane.