Private Yacth Rental in Penang

Penang is a beautiful island (a bias opinion since I was born and bred here). Growing up here, I have a different perspective of the island. Whenever visitors quote me a place or whatever they did in Penang, I get that seen-it-done-it thoughts inside of my head. But one thing I'm sure I haven't done is sailing on the straits of Penang.

One fine day, together with my friends who also share the same childhood as me, we decided to rent a private yacth on new year's eve of 2014. 

We board the yacht at Straits Quay around 5pm, just in time to view the sunset. No bias opinion here, the picture of sun set behind the Penang bridge was spectacular. You will agree with me if you can see it yourself.

As the yacht passed under the bridge, my friends and I set on common ground that none of us had seen the bridge from the bottom. For the 30 years of our lives living in Penang, we have not experienced our hometown this way. 

If you are visiting Penang and have some budget and time to roll over, I do urge you to rent the yacht and see the island from a different angle. Do give a call to Blue Whale Cruises (Ms. Eileen Burton) at 016-4598443. Bring your own champagne and finger food and enjoy the breeze and sunset.

This is how we roll up our year 2013 #bestexperienceever!