Santorini 3 Days Itinerary


How much of activities you can do on the first day in Santorini depending on the time you arrived on the island. When I arrived, it was late in the evening at 6pm. By the time I manage to find my hotel in Oia, it was 7pm. I didn't get to do much, so I don't consider this part of the day in my itinerary. After a quick shower, I head to Skala Restaurant to meet my friends for a satisfying dinner and catching up with them. I do recommend you to take the ferry to get into Santorini from Athens. The ferry arrives in the morning, which leaves you plenty of time to explore the island.

Day 1
My purpose of visit was to attend my friend's wedding. On the first day, I did nothing but to stay in the hotel for her preparation and helping out whatever I can. With this, I attempt to suggest to you some things you can do. During midday the island gets hot and most of the shops will be closed. Do take a heavy breakfast at your restaurant before heading out.

  • Take the Santorini Island Cruise - Information of cruises can be found at the airport flyers. When you first arrive, make sure to collect as many flyers as you can. The boat departs from Fira. If you are staying at Oia, make your way to Fira by taking the bus. The cruise will bring you to Nea Kameni where you can hike up to a still-active volcano. Then Palea Kameni where you can visit a hot spring and lastly, Thirassia where you have a chance to visit a traditional Greek village. Price of the cruise ticket is approximately 35euros. 
  • Dinner at the terrace - Fira or Oia would be a good choice.

Day 2
After the cruise you will have a general idea of Santorini. On the second day, you can rent a car, a bike or take the bus to do an island tour and stop by some unspoiled beaches. 

  • Katharos Beach - This is the nearest beach to Oia. It is a secluded beach. Be sure you prep all the necessary beach stuff you need. 
  • Kamari Beach - The Kamari Beach is on the other side of the island from Katharos Beach. This beach has better crowd as it has a few cafes, restaurants and bars. 
  • Head back to Oia and make your way to Amoudi Bay for dinner. Make sure you make it in time to catch the sunset. 
  • In the evening, take a long stroll at Oia main street. You can explore some souvenir shops and stop by the street bars on your way back. 

Amoudi Bay

Day 3
On the last day of your trip, capture as many photographs as you can. The view on the island is picturesque wherever you are. 

  • Head to Imerovigli. Here you can capture the best white washed building photos like the one you can see on every postcard shots. 
  • Head to Fira. Shop your souvenirs here. The prices are cheaper and you have more options to choose. There are a few great restaurants at Fira, the one I particularly love is Louis Restaurant where they serve traditional homecooked Greek food. 

At Oia


Orthodox Church in Oia

Big fat Greek wedding

At bus stop in Oia while waiting for the bus

Traditional Greek boutique in Fira


All girls trip. In Fira.