Seafood @ Mures Tasmania

Tasmania has been falsely advertised as seafood haven. The truth is, most of the fishing licenses are bought by mainland owner, that means the catch will be brought to mainland before they are distributed back to Tasmania. The process will deteriorate the freshness of the seafood. 

However, there are certain places in Hobart where you can get fresh seafood, such as Flippers & Mako (which are floating boats that serve take-away seafood meal) and Mures. Located right in the center of the Constitution Dock, Mures is hard to miss. The double-storey green building is dedicated to all things seafood - whether you dine-in at the restaurants or purchase fresh catch.

The produce at Mures are the freshest you can get on the island, straight from the Tasman Sea right to your table.  It is my favourite to-go place on Sunday where half of the city is closed. Mures is one of the very few restaurant that opens 7 days a week.

At Mures, there are two separate restaurants - the Upper Deck where the ambiance skewed towards fine dining and the Lower Deck where the fish market and standard restaurant located. 

I prefer to dine at the Lower Deck because the price is relatively cheap without compromising the quality and freshness of the seafood. My usual order is the Grilled Blue Eye Trevala cooked in herbs. The dishes are served with generous amount of fresh salad and chips.

Sometimes I would go for the catch-of-the-day with grilled option. If my appetite permits me, I would add on a slab of grilled squid. 

The meal at Lower Deck Mures has always been satisfying that I couldn't justify paying the price to try the Upper Deck. If you're visiting Hobart, do include Mures in your place to dine. Do take the al fresco seating. During the day you can enjoy the sea view. At night, you're able to enjoy the breeze of the Tasman Sea.