Skala Restaurant, Oia Santorini

The main towns in Santorini are Fira and Oia. Fira is where all the tourist attractions are centered, and Oia is a village and also the best spot to view sunset. In general, food in Fira is cheaper than Oia due to the crowd and also the easy access to markets. The menu in Fira is about 2 euros cheaper. For those on budget, I would recommend to stay in Fira, which you can save up to 15 euros per day.

Santorini is an island filled with good food, if you know where to get it. TripAdvisor is one of your best friend when searching for good food. Although you may get different opinions, you can trust your instinct when ready the reviews. One of the review I read that was pretty good was the Skala Restaurant. It receives an average of 4 stars from the accumulated reviews.

The appetizer that we couldn't resist is the Greek salad. To savour the best Greek salad, you can only get it from Greece. The ingredients are very fresh, also it comes with generous amount of feta cheese and dressings. Did I mention, the feta cheese crumbles easily and blends in with the rest of the salad.

One of the must-have to order is the souvlaki, a Greek traditional snacks. It is meat cut in cube and vegetable grilled on a skewer. I ordered the pork souvlaki served with chips. The taste was mediocre but the texture of the pork was juicy and tender.

What was worth trying here is the grilled octopus drenched in barbecue sauce and served with herb rice. It taste very good, however the serving portion is not enough for a full meal. That allows you to order another main course.

Lastly, I ordered the steak. I have requested the beef to cook in medium, however when served, it was cooked almost well-done. Although it tasted really good and the beef was tender, we wouldn't recommend to order the steak if you are particular on how your beef is done.

For appetizers, the restaurant serves a few types hot bread with Greek olive oil. The Greek olive oil has a linger of sweet taste as compared to olive oil from other regions.

To end our dinner, we opt for the classic Greek yogurt served with honey.Typically, the locals eat their yogurt with honey. 

Overall, the food was good (though the Louis Restaurant in Fira was better). Each serving cost about 12 euros. During the day, the view of the restaurant is magnificent. For front row view of the Aegean Sea, book the tables nearer to the terrace.