Traditional Greek Food at Louis Restaurant, Fira Santorini

Food is one of my excitement when traveling. While doing my research for Greek traditional food in Santorini, I came across Louis Restaurant in Fira. I trusted all the reviews on TripAdvisor and proceed to give this place a try.

The restaurant is family-owned and mid-sized. The entire restaurant is operated the owner himself, and all the food are cooked and prepared by his wife. He has one or two helpers on the floor collecting orders and serving the customers.There are about 10 tables, therefore booking is recommended for peak hour such as dinner or weekends.

On the menu, there is a "traditional food" section for your easy reference. The menu also comes with short explanation of the dishes which is easy to refer. I ordered 3 dishes from their traditional food listing to try out. 

The first dish is the Soutzoukakia. It is a pork patty cooked in pan-grilled style top with home made tomato sauce, served with buttered Mediterranean rice and fresh salad. The ingredients were very fresh and the pork patty was cooked in perfection. I do recommend this dish if you love bolognese due to similarity of taste of the tomato sauce.

The next dish is the pork gyros. This dish can be found commonly in any Greek restaurants outside Greece. However, none can top the pork gyros here. The strips of pork are chargrilled till fragrant. It is served with pita bread, fresh salad, chips and tzatziki sauce, where you can make your own pita pork gyros. 

The last dish is Greek salad, which is a must to have. The ingredients are feta cheese (very generous portion), olive, pepper, tomato, onion and zucchini. The ingredients are very fresh. According to the owner, the fresh produce are shopped on the same day to ensure they have the freshest ingredients.

On top of the good food, the restaurant comes with a magnificent view of Santorini. The terrace dining area oversees the Kameni Island. 

Price of the dishes are reasonable, you can get a decent dish at 9 euros. Pricing ranges from 9 euros to 12 euros. Meanwhile, the drinks are pricey to compare with the food. A glass of coffee frappe cost up to 5 euros.