Acropolis of Athens

Listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Acropolis is ground to ancient temples and government buildings. Around 15th century BC, following the victory against the Persians, the Greeks established democracy - a government system which we are familiar with until today.

When in Athens, you can't miss the sight of the Acropolis. It is settled on a high rock mountain. At night, the view of the monument is magnificent. 

It requires some walking to get to the top of Acropolis. Do remember to wear flat shoes or sports shoe to ease your journey. Entrance to the Acropolis is easy to find. I walk through Roman Street (Plaka area) and found the signboard heading to Acropolis Museum. Just walk on the cobbles stone road and it will lead you to the ticketing center.

I took the dirt road, which is a road less taken. This road is hidden between the bushes, granted, it is empty and you don't have to squeeze through the sea of tourists. To compromise with the lesser crowd, the road is longer and harder to walk.

Entrance ticket to Acropolis cost me 12euros. If you're a student in EU country, admission is free. Other concession tickets also free. To avoid long queue at the ticketing counter, plan your visit in the morning. 

Theatre of Dionysus
This is one of the main theatre in Athens, dedicated to the God of Plays & Wines. Marble thrones are seen at the front seat of the theatre. 

Ordeon of Herodes Atticus
This is a stone theater located on the slope of Acropolis built by the famous contractor Herodes Atticus. This theater served as performance stage during ancient times. Modern days artistes such as Elton John, Lucuano Pavarotti and Sting.

Originally constructed in 447BC, the Parthenon has gone through several stage of restoration. The building was served as a temple. Its original structure still visible. Take a glimpse of the temple at night, you will be amazed with the view.

Temple of Athena Nike
This is the first fully ionic temple strategically placed at the entrance of the Acropolis dedicated to the God of Athena Nike.

Old Temple of Athena
This temple was destructed by the Perisian. However, the foundation is still visible. Reconstruction of the temple has remained controversial and no restoration work has been done to the structure.

The Acropolis is one of the must-visit place if you are in Athens. In fact, it is the only place you should spend your time. The rumbles and remains of the building gave me so many historical lessons that no books able to explain. What's left today shows how powerful the Greek ancient civilization was.