Street foods in Jiufen 九份小吃

Once a sleepy town, Jiufen turned into a famous tourist spot overnight. Popularized by Japanese manga Spirited Away, Jiufen still keeps its original charm even after the warm attention from thousands of visitors daily. The cool weather and unique architectures are the main attractions. And of course, not forgotten, the variety of foods is also one of the reason how Jiufen got its reputation as the best place for street snacks (after Shihlin market). 

Here are some of the snacks that you should try at Jiufen:

Traditional Taiwanese fishballs
Hand made and cooked fresh, you can't afford to miss it. Through some signed language by pointing to the fishballs and the triangle tofu, I managed to order a bowl of fishball soup and two pieces of tofu. The fishballs taste mediocre, however the texture was chewy and bouncy. The tofu on the other hand was superb. Served with homemade chili sauce, the tofu is stuffed with pork meat in it. 

Potato & yam biscuit
The potato and yam biscuits are baked fresh daily. Do pack it and eat it later, while keeping the space in your stomach for hot food.

Baby bottle juices
You can find unique (but cliche) juices in baby bottle. Surely it is awkward to drink from a baby bottle, but the plum tea is irresistible.

Deep sea squid
The deep sea squid is also one of the specialty in Jiufen. The squid is deep fried with light batter with crunchy crust and chewy filling. For the serving size, the price is really affordable.

Bak Wan
This is the Taiwanese version of meatball. The pork meat is rolled with glutinous ball. You can request for it to be steamed or fried. In my personal opinion, the fried one is more appetizing. 

Roasted mushroom
This is probably the simplest snack but it is also too good to be omitted. The fresh mushrooms are roasted upon order and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Tea eggs
Tea egg is probably the Taiwanese favourite snack. It can be found everywhere. The eggs are boiled in a special mixture of tea for a long time, allowing the herbal taste to steep into it.

Groundnut cake
Pounded groundnuts are stuffed into a ball of green tea glutinous cake. It is sweet and fragrant at the same time. 

If you are not a fan of street snacks, there are plenty of other options. Fan of premium Chinese tea can find some interesting tea house along the road. Drinking tea in the tea house is definitely one of the experience you should go for.