Strofi Restaurant, Athens

Before arriving Athens, I did a little online research on restaurants in Athens and found Strofi. I read the comments and many were quite happy with the food and the view here.

I had the fried salt cod with garlic dip to satisfy my crave for fish after having too much red meat at Santorini. The food was beyond bad. The batter was too thick and hard to chew. When you get into the fish, it was tasteless. The side dish, which were potato and some carrot and veggies, were boiled and pretty tasteless as well. When there's a case of tasteless food, one would hope to salvage the taste by dipping it nto the sauce. Unfortunately, the garlic dip was just as bad. There's no garlic taste to it, it just taste like a bowl of unsalted butter.

For the dessert we shared a milk pie, which is self-explanatory.

Baklavas that don't taste like a typical baklavas. It is soaked in cinnamon. The overpowering taste of cinnamon kills it all.

Ekmek with ice-cream. I'm not sure if this is a traditional Turkish dessert or a Greek's. It is made of custard. The ice cream addition makes a great complement to the ekmek. The ekmek was the best thing I tasted for the evening.

Although I might be disappointed with the food, I would give the service a 5 star. The staffs are always ready to serve at all times. If you're going with kids, they would prepare a set of coloring book to keep them entertained.

Nevermind about the tasteless cod, with the breathtaking view and good company, I can forgive the bad experience. After all, we collect both good and bad experiences while traveling.

Strofi is located at Rovertou Galli 25, Athens (the next street parallel to the street leading to the entrance of Acropolis). Do call for reservation. If it is full, you might get the table on the first floor or second floor which don't have access of the view of Acropolis.