Strolling in Gardens By The Bay Singapore

If you live in Asia, love walking in the park, minus the hot weather and pesty bugs, then you have to go to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. The garden consists of 5 different sections:
  • Flower Dome
  • Cloud Forest
  • Dragonfly Lake
  • Heritage Gardens
  • Supertree Grove
It depends on how do you like your park strolling, for me I love to have plenty of beautiful flowers around me. So I went to the Flower Dome! 

The price of the ticket is SGD28 for an adult. It is pricey but also worth the trip. Each year, the garden is decorated with a theme and features flowers that uncommon in our region. Last year, in conjunction with Easter, the theme was fairy tale with tulip flowers as the main attraction.

About 100,000 tulips were planted in the garden for viewing pleasure. I love how they incorporated the fairy tale theme into the garden. A life-sized gingerbread house, Rapunzel tower, and Snow Queen carriage were amongst the decorations that made the garden looked so magical.

One of the negative experience I had here was the unruly crowd of tourist. It was a menace having to squeeze through a group of people who don't line up for photos. They even pluck the flowers and put it into their handbag! That shocked me and my friend. We really didn't expect to see that. To avoid the uncivilized scene, plan your trip early in the morning before the crowd comes in.

Who's that girl in the mirror? Oh, it's me! 

The Cloud Forest is another experience of its own. To be honest, I felt like I was transported to another world. The huge man-made waterfall was the first attraction that greeted us with an awe.
Surrounding the waterfall are forest plants such as orchids, ferns, moss and epiphytes.

There is a lift that can bring you up to the top of the waterfall. We got up til the 4th floor and get our way down layer by layer on the protruded walkway.  

The Gardens by the Bay isn't a place of fun. To be honest, there's nothing much to do. But to be able to go there and view this amazing man-made forest, it gives me an epiphany... What if in the future there's no more plant and no more nature. We will have to live with the man-made version of forest like this. This is a great place to bring your kids and educate them on mother nature.

If given a chance, I will go back there again. There are still 3 more gardens for me to explore - Dragonfly Lake, Heritage Garden & Supertree Grove.