Strolling on Plaka streets, Athens

If you are feeling tourist-y, Plaka is the place to be. It is a spot where souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes & pubs are centered. And don't you ever start shopping for your souvenirs until you visit this place. 

One of my favourite thing to do when traveling is to stroll on the street and consume what the local scenery has to offer. Although Plaka is brimming with tourist, rest assured that the Greek flair is still very much alive here. 

In my utmost honesty, there is nothing special about the place, if you are not a shopper. However, if you would like to take back some memento, this place is a haven! There are many shops that sells similar products where you can compare prices and make your bargains. There are also a few shops that sell local produces such as honey, olive oil, wine and balsamic. 

One of the thing to do here is to have a hearty brunch. There are many restaurants to choose from and different cuisines are available here with alfresco dining concept.

There are also street foods along the street. If you fancy some finger food, I would recommend you to try the Greek pretzels, which also known as kalofagas. It comes in different flavor, the best is the cinnamon one.

Exploring Plaka on foot is quite tiring because it is undeniably a huge place to explore. When feeling tired, you can ride on the tram.

The stroll on Plaka lead me to the Acropolis Museum. At night this place transforms into one of the most happening night scene in Athens with its popular pubs and bars.