Top 10 Reasons Why Girls Overspent During Vacation and How to Avoid It

Staying within budget when traveling is almost impossible. For girls. We will give ourselves excuse such as "we might not return to the place, so why not spend a little more?". Or we often tell ourselves, "I'm on a holiday, it's OK to spend a little for comfort". Before we know it, we are spending twice the budget we allocated for our trip. Here are the Top 10 reasons why girls often overspend during their trip overseas:

Girls love to dine in fancy restaurants, don’t we? We often forget to allocate food budget before our trip and spend more than what we should. If you’re not on a foodie trip, just stick to truck food or eat what the locals eat. Pamper yourself with a limit of one or maximum two fancy restaurant dine-in, either during your first night or last night of the trip.
We always get carried away when drinking. If you want to celebrate your trip with some alcohol, avoid ordering your alcoholic drinks at restaurants/bar/pub/club. Get yourself a bottle at Duty Free before your flight and share it among your travelmates.
We understand that there are great deal of people in your life that you would like to give some souvenirs to. Pick a few people that really close to you (family & best friends) for souvenirs. Souvenir giving is not a compulsory act. It is a habit. Don’t start giving souvenirs and no one will expect it on your next trip. Substitute it with postcard or pack some free stuff back (such as bottled sand from your beach trip).
Duty free
How do you resist the temptation of duty free at airports? Rows and rows of perfumes, beauty products and chocolates are calling for your attention. Just don’t start. Resist seeing, browsing or even taking a glance of it. Just head from the check point straight to the departure gate and you’ll be fine.
Some girls have the habit of not packing their clothes and will shop for their holiday outfit once they’re at their holiday destination. You’ll never know how expensive clothes may cost over there. To avoid overshopping for clothes, pack 80% of the outfit you need, especially clothes that might cost a lot such as night gown, jackets or suit.
Traveling is a tiring activity. Sometimes you just want to hop on to a taxi and go back to the hotel the soonest you can. Always plan ahead where you want to go and how long you need to get back to the hotel. Take cheaper transport option such as walking, taking the subway or buses. Wearing a pair of comfortable shoes help a great deal too. Book your hotel nearer to the places you would like to visit. You might pay a little more on your accommodation, but save a great deal on transportation.
A lot of tourist attraction places set up photo booths for tourist to get their photo taken. You don’t have to buy the photos but most of us will buy it anyway. Think about it, if you’re already there, you can take your own photo and print it out at home. It cost you a lot cheaper than getting your photo taken. Plus, some memorabilia will take up space in your luggage, which ended up forcing you to pay the additional weight. Remember, spend on memory not on objects.
Unplanned trips
If you don’t plan ahead where you want to go, you might ended up taking more trips. This will eat up your time and transportation budget. Always plan ahead where you want to go and check on the map on the location. Set a flow where you should go so you don’t travel up and down the same place twice.
Spa services
Girls are sucker for spa treatments, even more when you are traveling. Spa treatments at hotel owned spa or prestigious spa outlet can be very expensive. We understand that you want some pampering in between your trip. Why not substitute it with a long hot bath or get yourself a good book to unwind at the beach?
We want to look good when traveling, that’s not a crime. But most of us aren’t Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. Purchase travel accessories that you need, not the ones that make you look good. You don’t need a ten grand Louis Vuitton luggage. A hundred bucks luggage works can carry your stuff just fine. Go back to basics and nothing can go wrong.