10 Basic Things You Need to Know About London City

If you're going for a quick trip to London, here's a quick guide which you can rely on:

  1. It is an expensive city, one of the most expensive city in the world. Budgeting your trip is really important and do remember to budget extra so you don't tied yourself down and still able to enjoy your trip. Also, keep some cash with you as some of the places, taxis or shops don't take credit or debit card. 
  2. There are plenty mode of transport here. The tube is the most economical way to get around the city. Avoid the taxis (especially the black cab) unless in emergency situation or unavoidably necessary. They cost a bomb. 
  3. Start off your trip with the London Bus Tour or River Thames Cruise Tour. The tour will give you an idea of how the city looks like in a glance so that you can plan your trip for the next day. As a bonus, it comes with access to the major city attraction such as London Tower. 
  4. Entry tickets to the tourist attractions are super expensive. The highlights of the entrance are mostly historical facts. Unless you're really interested in it, otherwise I would advice you to skip it as you already able to view the attraction through the bus tour or cruise tour. If you insist, get the London pass. The London pass is sold by the amount of days you purchase. It allows you to enter unlimited times to the places of attractions without having to buy individual tickets. 
  5. If you're on a budget, the city has a lot of free attractions as well. Take advantage of the free admission to Tate Modern Gallery, Museum of London, and National Gallery. That will occupy your entire day in London.
  6. The weather is crazily unpredictable. It is best to prepare a pair of good walking shoes, a waterproof coat and a folded umbrella with you. In the event it rains, take a shelter by having afternoon tea, hanging out in the pub or do some shopping. 
  7. You don't need to pay for the tours. Join in the free guided tours such as Banksy Street Art tour, Harry Potter Tour or Jack the Ripper Tour. The most reliable group of tour is the Strawberry Tour. It is completely free but registration is necessary. A word of advice, tipping would be a great courtesy. A little fund will keep the group growing which will benefit other travelers in the future.
  8. The best place to shop for souvenirs on a budget is at Camden Market. If you purchase in bulk you might get some prices slashed. 
  9. While on foot, the London Eye and Big Ben would be a great landmark to know which side of the river you're at. 
  10. Being said that the tube is the best travel option, the tube map is not necessarily the best thing to rely on. Before heading to anywhere, check on your Google Map or Waze to see the distance. On the tube map it may seemed far with the different stops and transits. But geographically speaking, the place that you want to go may be just a block away. 

There you go... My best advice for those who will be traveling to London soon. If you have any advice to add on to the list, do drop me a comment.

Travel safe. Go and see the world!