5 Places in Malaysia That Can Mend a Broken Heart

Are you in a situation where you have lost yourself? Do you feel like taking a moment to escape but can't afford a long leave? Take a look around, we have abundant of great places in Malaysia that is accessible and affordable for a solo female trip.

#1 - Pulau Perhentian Kecil

On the top of my list is Pulau Perhentian Kecil. If you ever feel like you can fall in love again, this island could steal your heart away. I highly recommend Alunan Resort. It is safe, convenient and fully equipped with snorkeling gear for you to take a swim around the resort. Check out how to get there in this post.

#2 - Cameron Highlands

Cool yourself (literally) on a hill top and what place is better than Cameron Highlands. Treat yourself to a luxury suite at Cameron Highland Resort. Get yourself close to nature and breathe in the fresh air. Take a sip of the finest tea and unwind yourself. Check out 5 things to do in Cameron Highlands.

#3 - Rawa Island

Down south in Johor, accessible through Mersing port, you can connect to the Johor royal island. This island is comparable to Perhentian Kecil Island, however, it is much more expensive and takes longer time to reach. With just 2 resorts on the island, there isn't much to do there. This is the place where time stops, giving you plenty of opportunities to meditate and shut yourself from the world.

#4 - Penang Island

Unlike the two islands above, Penang island has everything you need to mend a broken heart. Feeling mellow? Go to the beach at Batu Feringghi or get on a tram to Penang Hill. If you don't want to be alone, there are plenty of clubs and pubs on the bustling street at Upper Penang Road for you to shake it off (Taylor Swift's song in the background). Even retail therapy would be an endless choice. My favourite mall is Gurney Plaza. It is also a stone throw away from Gurney Paragon. The best part is, the food!!!

#5 - Ipoh

Banjaran Hot Spring is the place to be. Even if you are not broken hearted, this place is a great relaxation resort for working adults. Surrounded by limestones and green lake, this place has magical healing properties that everyone needs. It is easily reached (just 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur), you can hop on a train or even take a drive there. Explore the classical town during the day and treat yourself a spa in the evening. Don't miss out on the famous Ipoh White Coffee!

So, what's your pick out of the 5 places?