First Timers' Guide to Asking Strangers to Take Your Holiday Photos

The discovery of selfies isn't a solution to your holiday photos. It is great to upload onto your social media timeline for real-time updates. But conventional photos are still the best for print-out version to be framed. Whenever you asked a stranger to take your photo, the case is always an unfortunate one. The result is far from expectation. Or even worse, you will risk your camera getting stolen.

Here are some friendly tips for you to achieve the desired (or close to it) holiday photos:

Look for tourist to take your photo
People who travel often tend to have a better grasp of photography skills. Asking a tourist to take your photo is a better choice amongst the other people around you. Pick those who have DSLR in their hand. If the person is able to handle a DSLR, he or she can handle the very basic of photography.

Camera-safe option
Passing your camera to someone else may be a huge risk, especially if your camera is pricey. It is not uncommon to hear that tourists' camera being stolen when asking for strangers to take their photos. It is a matter of who you entrust your camera to. Again, tourist would a better option. They only have one agenda in mind which is to explore. Getting someone who is sitting around the area maybe a bad idea, because we wouldn't guess if he or she is preying on a victim to snatch or steal from. Another safe option is to ask small business owner around the places of interest to take your photograph.

Set your own location & angle
Find your own location and angle. Adjust your camera setting. The person who will be taking your photo will only have one task, which is to press the button.

Direct your own shoot
If you are good at giving directions, you can give a quick training to the person you approach. Let them get a hang of using your camera. This may require some warming up to do. But passing on your photography knowledge to someone else can be an exchange for their service to take your photo. It is a win-win situation.

Choose a younger person
Gen Y are raised with technology and they are accustomed to Instagram postings. Chances are, the younger generation are better at photography compared to the older generation. On Instagram, search the hashtag of the place you are at. Look for the recent photo and stalk those creative photos. Look for the owner around you and request him or her to take your photos. This works everytime for me and the result is always better than expected.

Now if you're going to travel alone or getting a stranger to take your photos, you'll know what to do. Say no to bad photos. You wouldn't know if it is the last time you are going to be there.

That's all for now. Go and see the world!