Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe, Taipei

My first experience at Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe was very disappointing. My travel planner told me that we had to book a table because it is always packed. For 2 days he was calling the cafe but no one picked up our calls. In the end, he had to schedule our driver to line up for us on my third day there.

Poor customer service. The menus are all in Chinese which is not easy for me to guess the food items. Fortunately for me, I brought my grandpa along and he helped translate the menu. The place was packed with visitors, so expect for slow service. When we arrived, it was teatime and they don't serve any food except desserts at this hour. A minimum order of NT300 per person is required in the cafe.

The kitchen workers are diligent in decorating the cakes. This is a tedious job and this is also one of the reason why the food arrived slow.

The creme brulee set

The creme brulee is quite good. The layer of caramel on top is really crunchy, although a bit burned. I really hate those chewy one that stuck on your teeth. This is just nice.

Uji matcha cake

I personally don't like red bean. But the green tea cake is really good. It's so soft like chiffon. 

And last one is the chocolate cake. Ordered this to play safe in case others not that good.

The chocolate is so rich! I really love it. And the cream is really cold. LOL! Overall, the desserts are superb (except the uji matcha, it's better without the red bean). 

He's probably wondering how the hell to eat that thing.

Me and my glutton pose about to attack the desserts...

Complimentary mango pudding on the house. I can eat ten of this!!!

Our total bill was about NT1300. I think it's alright. It's about the same price if you have tea in Delicious anyway. I thought they sell Hello Kitty merchandise in the shop and I was hoping to get something for Shikin. Unfortunately they don't (except some overpriced candies). 

The address is at:
No. 90號, Section 1, 
Dà'ān Road, Daan District  
Taipei City, Taiwan 106 

Tel: (02) 2711-1132 (well, don't bother to call)