5 Greek Islands You Should Visit

There is something about Greek islands that attract people around the world. I personally agree that to savour the best of natural beauty, you have to visit Greek islands. There are about 200+ islands scattered along the Aegen Sea in Greece - some are tourists-friendly and some have never been explored before. Even though their incomparable beauty are not to be ranked, these are the unique Greek destination that you should experience:

#1 - Corfu

Don't be surprised that on the top of the list isn't Santorini. I believe there are much more characteristics in Corfu than Santorini. Being colonized by the British, French and Venetian, Corfu had absorbed layers of heritage differences. The elements can be seen evidently on the buildings, food, language and also the lifestyle of the people that makes this place so deserving to visit. On the other side, the natural beauty of the sea, greens and the cerulean blue sky is still very much Greecian.

#2 - Santorini

This is the most visited island in Greece and also the one that we are acquainted with. The contrast of deep blue sea and white-washed buildings are visual poetry to your eyes. There are a lot to do and discover on this island compared to other Greek islands. Adding to the usual beach trip, you can also visit the vineyard here or take a short cruise to the volcanic island nearby from Fira town. Those who have visited this island can not argue that Oia is probably the best place on earth to watch a sunset.

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#3 - Peloponnese

The Peloponnese is a multi-faceted destination that boasts a series of escapes for all budgets, whether you are looking for a long holiday on budget or luxury weekend visit. From the up-and-coming western coasts of Ilia and Messinia for relaxation to the popular mountain weekender destinations of Kalavrita and Arcadia, your travel menu could also include visits to the archaeological sites of Olympia and Mycenae, the majestic Diros Cave and the atmospheric old towns of Nafplio and Monemvasia.

#4 - Mykonos

Mykonos and Santorini share a lot of similar charm with its white-washed buildings spread along the coastal line. The only difference is the lack of high terraces and its iconic windmills on the backdrop of the island. Mykonos is favorable to the younger crowd compared to Santorini due to its party scene and happening nightlife. It is best to go to during summer when beach parties are wild with usual international DJ's appearance, such as Steve Aoki & Tiesto.

#5 - Chalkidiki

This island is also known as Halkidiki. For a classic beach getaway, you can not go wrong with this island. It has a long stretch of white beach and swimmable transparent blue sea. Unlike Santorini & Mykonos which is over populated with tourists, it is a surprise that an island as beautiful as Chalkidiki is still not infested by mainstream vacationist. The place remains humble and unspoiled. The pristine atmosphere is a perfect honeymoon destination.