Hotel Review: Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi

Clock tower at the entrance

You don't have to travel to France to experience a little Colmar at Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi. This hill is own by the Berjaya Group and successfully attracts thousands of visitors yearly. Many people find this place more of a pit stop while on the way to Genting Highlands or Kuala Lumpur. Because of that, the hotel at Colmar Tropicale is often overlooked or neglected.

During my very short visit to Bentong, I have decided to stop by Colmar Tropicale. It's been awhile and to be honest, nothing much have changed. We managed to check-in to a one-bedroom deluxe suite despite the peak period on the long weekend of Malaysia Day. It is called a suite, but in a more appropriate term, I would call it an apartment. The space was too luxurious for the two of us, especially with the large living room. But with the price of RM450 per night, we did not think twice.

Corridor of the suite

Living room
The living room is probably one of the under-utilized area in the suite. It has a TV set, couch and coffee table. The furniture are not the most fashionably updated in trend, but we are thankful for the modern TV.

Kitchen & Dining
The kitchen aren't the best for you to prepare meal. Basic utensils are not available. But for a simple sandwich making or boiling water for coffee, it is more than adequate. On the other hand, the dining area is spacious and more than enough to throw a small party.

Equipped with a king sized bed, the bedroom is probably the best thing in the suite. We did not mind the lack of thread counts on the bedding. Overall, the bedroom is spacious as well.

Bathroom & Vanity
The bathroom can be better without the old school tiles. It is not the best feature of the suite. I personally prefer modern bath with minimalist concept, so I find the bathroom is really distastefully done. I understand that the entire concept suppose to mirror the old town in Colmar and sprinkled with some French accents, but this is not how it is suppose to be. I appreciate having a separate vanity with a comfortable seating though.

Each suite comes with its own balcony. The view that we had was overlooking the golf course. The lushest bush and mountain make the view worth waking up for. Fresh air, green scenery and sound of bugs - those are the true beauty that comes with the room.

Overall the suite is very clean and spacious. The staff are friendly and helpful. Check-in was speedy and I had no problem of checking out as well. During the day, the place is packed with visitors. Almost every corner there will be someone taking photos. But at night, the place transformed into a romantic scene with lesser people around. Those are the great things I can say about the place. It is great for a family trip. Also, Pokestop and Gym everywhere! My room reaches a Pokestop so that was the greatest thing to me.

Pool area

Night scene

However, the furniture of the rooms are too old. That is the only downside of the experience.

There are a few highlights of places to visit in the vicinity of the hotel which I will explain more in the next post. You are required to pay the entry fare when entering the hill. The fare will be returned to you upon check-out.