The Tallest Building in the World: Burj Khalifa Dubai

Everytime speak of Burj Khalifa, the only thing that comes into my mind is Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.

If you ever go to Dubai, you cannot miss this international iconic skyscraper soaring in the middle of the city. It is currently the tallest building in the world. Although you can't climb on the outer panels like Tom Cruise did, you can visit their observatory deck which they call At The Top.

The observation deck is not the highest point of the Burj. It is merely three-quarter of the height. You can't enter the observation deck as when you like. They take in visitors by batches - which takes every 15 minutes per batch. This is to ensure a balance of weight on the top and to control the crowd .

To make your trip easier, I would suggest you to purchase the entrance ticket online prior to your visit from their website I purchased my ticket online and able to choose the time which is convenient for me. If you purchase the ticket at the counter, you will be subjected to the empty slots that are available. Upon reaching the entrance, there's a ticket printing booth. All you have to do is to enter your ticket no. and ID. The machine will print out your ticket.

The entrance price is pretty reasonable. For adult, it is AED125, which is about RM115.

You can also purchase your ticket directly at the counter at the entrance. There wasn't a long queue. However, you might not be able to choose the time of entrance as you like. The system is pretty much like how we buy movie tickets. It's first come first serve basis.

Once you collected the ticket, you are able to enter the lobby area. This is where you wait for your entry time. If you miss out the time, you might have to wait for the next entry. Spend your valuable time at the lobby because most of the technical information are displayed here. There's also a beautiful illuminated replica model stood in the middle of the lobby.

The backdrop shows the list of the world's skyscraper. Somehow I feel so proud that Malaysia made a mark on the list. Since other countries are building more skyscrapers, I think it is time Malaysia execute our 100-storey tower. What happened to the project?

I am half as tall as Burj! Yeah, the replica one!

Finally, when it's my time to go up, I had to go through a tunnel which displays LED media of the history of Emirates. It is tastefully done to walk you through how the country started as a dessert, and now it is home of the international community. If history lesson is done in this way in school, I'm sure everyone will enjoy the subject. Check out the media time tunnel...

At the top... finally! And all I saw was...

Sand storm! What the hell....

I could only see up to 5km away. The rest of the view was blocked by mild sand storm. Quite disappointing but it is an experience for me. In case of sand storm, you are still able to see the view from the telescope panel that can be found everywhere. You have the option of day view, live view, night view or historic view of the place.

On the other side of the tower, the view is much nicer., before the sandstorm hits..

I'm not sure how to advise as to whether it is worth a visit. I find the trip lack of attraction, in other words, quite boring. But since it is the tallest building in the world, I feel obliged to visit. I guess you have to go there yourself to decide if the trip is worth it for you. Well, if I ever go back to Dubai, I won't spend my time for another visit to Burj, other than shopping at the mall.