5 Things To Do In Colmar Bukit Tinggi

The last time I went to Colmar Bukit Tinggi many years ago, it was a boring place. There is nothing much to there except a golf course and nicely designed hotel. Last month when I revisited the place, it has a new makeover, especially with top-ups of new places of interests. If you are bringing your family there or just going for a quick stopover, here are the 5 things you can do in Colmar Tropicale:

Before that, you will need to pay an entrance fee of RM13 to access to the hill. The entrance fee is free for hotel residence. It will be refunded to you when you check out. Rest assured, your entrance fee is definitely worth it, considering the beautiful view and scenery around the place.

#1 - Japanese Garden

One of the main attraction of this place is the Japanese Garden. It is located about 5km away from the main street. Shuttle bus is available almost every 15 minutes to and fro from the main street free of charge. Japanese tea ceremony is available upon booking and it happens at noon daily. You will need to register a day before at the hotel reception.

The Japanese Garden requires a bit of a hike, be sure to wear flat shoes and avoid bringing baby stroller. During weekends it can be crowded.

Previously there was a tatami spa at the Japanese Garden, but now it is completely closed down.

#2 - Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is located within the vicinity of Japanese Garden. It holds thousands of rainforest plants and you might bump into a family of monkeys. The garden is a long stroll, about 1km or bush with a proper walking pavement.

At the entrance of the garden, you can find a Japanese restaurant. It is arguably the best place for food. Take note that food is not the main reason why people come to Colmar. It is hard to get good food here. Do take the chance to dine at the Japanese Restaurant for a better option around the area. The price isn't exorbitantly expensive. Expect to pay around RM60 per person for a decent meal.

#3 - Adventure Park

Bukit Tinggi is no longer the boring and chillax holiday destination anymore. There's an adventure park filled with thrilling activities such as Flying Fox, Rock Climbing, Suspension Bridge and also Paint Ball. It is located at the junction where you first arrive at Bukit Tinggi. I swear you won't miss it. Entrance fee for each activity is required. You will need to check the price at the hotel lobby or at the entrance for the park.

#4 - Animal Park

This is the place where you would want to bring your kids to. In the beginning, the were just few residents rabbits where they creatively named it the Rabbit Farm. More animals are being deposited and now it is a mini petting zoo that is safe for your kids to feed and play with the animals. Not far from the animal park, there is also a horse stable where your kids can take a riding lesson. These are probably the happiest place for kids.

#5 - PokemonGo

I was going to say, you could bring your gold club for a 18-hole scenic mountain view game. But golf isn't a fashionable game right now. Grab your cellphone and go Pokemon hunting. There are 3 gyms, plenty of Pokestops and all centered at the main street. There are few other gyms and Pokestops around the Japanese Garden and Botanical Garden area. Even my hotel suite is within reach of 2 Pokestops. Being on the high land, you are able to catch some rare rock type Pokemons. If you're not a PokemonGo player, it's OK. At least your kids will be well-behaved throughout the trip.