The best Xiao Long Bao in Taipei

This is a very torturous post to write at this moment because I am dying of hunger in the middle of the night, but yet I insist on writing a blog post on food. They say resistance will make one stronger.

Dian Shui Lou Restaurant has the best xiao long bao ever! Xiao long bao is a type of Chinese dumpling that has soup in it. I was expecting to have something Taiwanese... something local... But Dian Shui Lou is actually an authentic Shanghai restaurant. Anyway, xiao long bao is from China.

We were served with some cold noodles for entree. I was a bit reluctant to try because cold noodle don't sound tasty at all. But once I take a a bite, it's actually very good. It has really strong sesame oil smell and taste.

The very first batch of xiao long bao, the original flavor - with pork meat fillings.

The second batch we has crab meat xiao long bao and also green tea xiao long bao. The green tea ones are superb!!! I can have 50 pieces of it all to myself! I believe the stuffing is only an ordinary xiao long bao stuff, but the green tea dumpling skin is so flavorful. It has tea fragrant that brings out the taste of the soup inside the little dumplings.

The third batch is prawn xiao long bao and also glutinous rice xiao long bao. The prawn one tasted like ordinary sui gao but it is still very good. But I'm not a fan of the glutinous rice one though. I got quite jelak eating it because the glutinous rice was too rich.

The customary way to savour xiao long bao is to add a few strands of ginger and few drops of dark vinegar.

The fried rice tasted just like fried rice. Duh! I mean there's nothing special about it. If I ever go back there, I wouldn't order it, instead I will make more room in my stomach for that green tea xiao long bao. But it was way better than the normal fried rice, I would say. Instead of using the normal frozen green pea, they actually put the edamame bean in it.

And then we have the most controversial food on the menu............................... shark's fin soup. OK! OK! OK! I know it is not right to take shark's fin and I know how cruel it is. But the shark already died, so not to let the shark die in vain, I ate it.

And lastly for dessert, we had the thousand layer cake. It's not really my favorite because it's too dry and it got stuck in my throat. It doesn't have any taste anyway.

If you're planning to go during lunch hour, do make reservation first. We were there at exactly lunch hour and it was really packed. Even the locals have their lunch here... it must be quite good that they wanting to come back. The green tea xiao long bao is only available pre-order. Make sure to book your table one day before and mention that you want to order the green tea xiao long bao as well.

Well, let me remind you... strictly non-halal!

No.64 Huaining StreetTaipeiTaiwan